SMOKEY'S MATE 2016, 2017, 2018

Smokey with canada goose

     At Annapolis Labradors we breed for quality hunters.  Smokey, our prime breeding bitch has three grand parents that achieved Master Hunter, one grand father was Md. State Champion.  We strive for the same backgrounds for the breeding sires.  We use only accomplished Hunt-Test dogs.

See Smokey's pedigree on the PEDIGREE page.

 I've been so impressed with Gus (Naptowns Smoking Agustus, Sept-2015) I thought I should give you an update.

Gus loves to learn, he learns quickly and LOVES to be challenged.  He never ventures too far out on our nature walks, he routinely checks in to see where I am.  He's what I call a "Buddy Dog" he will do anything you want as long as he's with you he's happy.

When I call him to me he comes with exuberance. He has a super strong desire to please and will do anything you ask of him.

Your socialization program is also first rate... it shows up when I take him to a new environment or around new people.  I purposely take him through obstacle courses to challenge him physically and you can just see him thinking as he navigates the course.

There's nothing better than a thinking dog that loves to see the smile on its owner's face!  Keep up the good work in producing such great pups.

Compared  to other dogs I've trained over the last 40 years with Gus his attitude is what stands's less about what command I want him to learn.........Instead it's more about him saying to himself and me     "what can I do to help you get what you want"....."how can we best work together to get you what you want"'s a real partnership, and team approach that's all too rare in other Pups I've seen over the years.

Keep up the good work......feel free to use me as a reference

Dr. Chris Cianci,  Easton Md.

This Note from a gun dog trainer:


Smokey with a Snow Goose


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"Bella" at 3 months; note the intense focus.


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